The backbone of our organisation is the collective experience of thousands of users since 2014.

Our Mission is to disseminate knowledge and use of naturally occurring healing remedies, for the benefit of general public health

We participate in a wide range of activities

  • Collective research
  • Cooperative Community Developement
  • Sustainable Production

Health - a Natural Choice


Back to Nature

All traditional medicin comes from nature which has been proven efficiant throughout thousands of years.


People are mostly lost when public healthcare does not provide a solution for their illness.  I believe - Empowering people to groom their health by natural means, is a great contribution to the general wellfare in societ

Jan Larsen, Founder Mecafo

Being af part of our community and cooperative has opened my eyes for a whole new world of opportunities. I have maneged to reduce my mediciation and have gained a lot of energy dureing the day.

Tove Nielsen, Member